Friday, July 27, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen... Bikeboy has left the building

Dear Friends:

On Saturday, July 28th, I'll be off on two wheels - the powered kind.

(Get 'cher motor running, head out on the highway, etc.)

Every summer, I try to go on a multi-day motorcycle adventure. This year I'm off to the Washington coast, Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver Island, and southern B.C. I'm calling it the Great Northwest Tour.

More info and a map can be found on my Idaho Rider Blog.

Assuming I can stay in the saddle, and keep the shiny side up, I intend to be back around August 7th or 8th. Please plan on coming back then.

Recent past motorcycle adventures:
2001 - "A State Odyssey" (visited all 44 counties in Idaho)
2002 - Oregon Lighthouse Loop (visited lighthouses between Crescent City, CA and Astoria, OR)
2003 - Red Planet Tour (western Colorado... FANTASTIC!)
2004 - Cowboy Country (western Wyoming and Montana)
2005 - Winter Quarters $3 tour (Boise to Omaha and back)
2006 - Promised Land tour (Northern California)

I love riding my motorcycle, but it will always take a backseat to the bicycle for emotional satisfaction.

As they say in the movies, "Hasta la vista, baby."


Anonymous said...

Have fun and be safe.

db said...

Hope your trip was a good one.

Unfortunately, there's been no noticeable decrease in the number of idiots while you've been away. ;)