Monday, July 2, 2007

June Cycling Report

I rode 601 miles on 30 days in June. I commuted to work on 21 days, 100% bicycle transportation.

On one glorious day (Saturday, June 16), I rode 50+ miles. I started out with a nice morning ride (Gowen / Pleasant Valley / Ten Mile Creek / South Cole / Kuna-Mora / Cloverdale / Victory), and then ran several errands in the afternoon, including a soda-pop run to Winco with the Bob trailer in tow. (June 17 is the anniversary of the day I hooked my bride. She loves the Dr. Pepper.)

So far, I haven't missed a day in 2007. (On a few of those days, it was just up to the end of the street and back, or around the park, or to the church or the nearby Walgreens.) That will change in July, when I'll be apart from my beloved Cannondale on a few days. Hopefully not too many.

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Anonymous said...

congrats. I am getting better. The only reason I drove my car in June is when I left city limits for a recreational activity (camping or waterskiing)