Friday, July 13, 2007

Family on Bikes

I caught this story on the teevee news last night. The Vogel family of Boise - Mom, Dad, and 2 twin boys - completed their 9000-mile (!!!) bike ride. (Dad and boys on a "triple," Mom on a conventional bicycle. Self-contained - no "sag wagon.")

They rode from Boise over to the West Coast, then up to the Canada border, then south (taking a meandering route) to the tip of Baja California, then in a general northeasterly direction, ending up in Connecticut.

That is SO awesome! I hope those lads realize how blessed they are to have such adventurous parents. (And more than that... I hope they don't grow up, get their driver's licenses, and turn their backs on their bikes. But somehow that seems unlikely.)

Read about it - their online journal and lots of photos - HERE. (I snagged the photo off their website/journal.)

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Unknown said...

I was just searching around and found this post you wrote about us back in July - thanks! We are now getting ready to take off again. In June, we'll pedal away from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, enroute to Ushuaia, Argentina - the southernmost city in the world. We can't wait!