Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Naked Bike Riders Arrested

Seattle is cracking down on naked bike riders. (Another of life's little pleasures, spoilt by a meddling bureaucracy!)

It happened Sunday - 3 of 57 nekkid riders, including a woman wearing only tiger stripes, were arrested in Seward Park in Seattle over the weekend.

It was a protest ride (what else?) - "aimed at raising awareness of how 'exposed' people are to pollution." Sounds like a stretch to me.

My favorite paragraph from the article:

[Organizer Daniel] Johnson said he believes the arrests were made in part because the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department is trying to discourage events that include nudity, a charge the department denies.

By contrast, the fuddy-duddys who run the BOISE Parks Department still discourage nudity.

As I see it, the problem with public nudity is... the people who should get naked, don't, and the people who shouldn't get naked, do!


Anonymous said...

A bare butt on a bike seat sounds like a perfectly uncomfortable ride to me. That said, I applaud all folks, of any physical condition, who are brave enough to doff their duds in public.

Anonymous said...

Can't say that I've done it, but I've heard that you don't notice the seat - you notice the breeze.

I'd do it, after a few beers.

db said...

After falling this morning on my way into work, I can think of a very good reason NOT to ride naked. You don't want road rash there... ;-)

Jamie said...

Bike Nazi - I'm tagging you with the "Name Five Things About Yourself that Few People Know" tag. I got tagged, I'm just sharing the wealth.