Tuesday, October 1, 2019

What will they think of next?!?

Have you seen the latest thing?

Now you can get a MOTORCYCLE that has pedals like a bicycle, so you can pretend you're riding a bike!

They seem to be getting more popular all the time.  Some are disguised to look like a bicycle, but with really fat tubes or a giant battery-wart where the water bottle is on a regular bike.  Others make no pretense - they just look like some kind of lightweight motorcycle, with fat little tires, etc.

Most of the "poseurs" who ride 'em aren't very good at pretending, though.  They either don't pedal at all, or they pedal 30 or 40 RPM, as they roll along at 20mph or so.  And they look just as cool as a cucumber.  Pretty obvious that they're not supplying any propulsion.

The weather's starting to turn, and I'm betting most of the motorbicycle poseurs are even more "fair weather" than the casual cyclists.  Time to hang 'em up for the season.  Can't be uncomfortable, after all...