Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bicycling the Rail-Trails in North Idaho

When do you plan your summer vacation?  If you're already looking at 2020... put NORTH IDAHO BICYCLING on your short list.

I went in 2012, and again in 2015... and last week I hit it once again.

It wasn't quite as breathtaking the third time as it was the first... but only because I wasn't seeing that spectacular scenery for the first-time-EVER.  I hope I can squeeze it in every 3 or 4 years, until my kids declare that I'm too old to ride a bicycle any more... and then maybe 2 more times after that.

The Missus was kind enough to loan me the Family Truckster.  I drove from Boise to Pinehurst on Monday (Labor Day) where a tent spot was waiting.  I camped there 4 nights, and rode downstream to Heyburn State Park for the 5th night.
- Tuesday I rode up the Route of the Hiawatha in the morning, and back down in the afternoon.
- Wednesday I hooked up the trailer and dragged my camp to Heyburn, along the Coeur d'Alene Trail.
- Thursday I rode back to Pinehurst.
- Friday I rode upstream to Wallace, then back to Pinehurst.
- Saturday I was compelled to pack up and head for the flatlands.  (It's the only way I might get to use the Truckster again some day.)

(More photos can be viewed HERE.)

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Clancy said...

Dang, We missed you. My 2 brothers and I were up there riding the whole loop. We rode it selfsupported and camped along the way. We chose last minute not to ride up to Lookout then to the Hiawatha and instead opted to go over Moon Pass. We got a few more miles down the road, but the climb was much tougher.

Friday- Heyburn to Harrison
Saturday- Harrison to Wallace
Sunday- Wallace to Calder over Moon Pass
Monday - Calder to St. Maries.