Friday, January 30, 2015

Dashboard enlightenment

I came up behind a car a couple mornings ago, that had the "smart phone" (quote/unquote) mounted on the dashboard, in roughly this fashion...

Right there where the driver will be constantly tempted to stare at it.  (Like they do when they're lurching about, eating, using the potty, walking the dog, bicycling, worshiping, and pretty much everything else.)

Probably has some sort of hands-free technology, that gives owners/operators the false sense that it's safe.  In reality, studies consistently support the theory that, hands-full or hands-free, conversing via cellphone has roughly the same effect on driving ability as being legally substance-impaired.

Speaking of worshiping, sometimes I long for the days when car dashboards were more likely to be adorned in this fashion...

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