Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nature gained and lost

Alongside our Boise Greenbelt, not far from downtown, is a true curiosity of nature. It is a tree that sprouted up next to a chain link fence, obviously quite a few years ago. As it grew, a couple branches found their way through the fence, and in the ensuing years those branches have grown until they encompass multiple links of the fence.

Over the years, I've ridden past it hundreds of times, never failing to notice and appreciate it. And several times I've snapped photos of it.

I took what may be my last photos of it yesterday - January 16, 2015. It may soon be no longer.

The city is closing that stretch of Greenbelt temporarily, to modify a canal channel and to start work on a new city park. Since the tree is dead-center in the construction area, I emailed the Parks Department, expressing my fondness for the tree, and asking them to preserve it and a short stretch of fence.

A representative replied, which was nice. She knew exactly which tree I was referring to - she even sent me a photo of it. But she said, "[The tree] may not be affected by the Farmer’s Union intake structure that is going on this winter, but most definitely will be removed with the installation of Esther Simplot Park."

You've got to love the irony! "We can't save that tree - we're building a park there!"

I asked them to reconsider if possible. I'd love to take granddaughter Bonnie to see where I snapped her photo next to that tree when she was barely a year old. But I'm not hopeful. And currently I'm not in a position where I can build a hut, high up in the canopy, and refuse to come down... like the Northern California Redwood Warriors.

I'm sure the new park will be nice.

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