Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Living Healthy - Bike Safety

Our local daily paper, the Idaho Statesman, is featuring a "Living Healthy" insert that's full of good info on bike safety.

What got my attention in particular, was the photo on the cover... of a very high-visibility cyclist.  It's my "visibility guru" and friend, Bob T.  He's a great ambassador for bicycle safety, beginning with being highly-visible to motorists.

Bob is hard to miss!  Hi-viz vest, lights at both ends day and night, big slow-moving triangle on the back.  Bob: "What I'm doing is for my safety, of course, and a courtesy to motorists.  I want them to know I'm there.  I know they don't want to hit me."

There are some other worthwhile articles as well, about safety, rules of the road, local bike commuter profiles, tips for new riders, etc.  Definitely worth a review.

The publication can be seen online, HERE.

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