Thursday, July 24, 2014

3k for 2014

Please indulge me while I engage in a bit of self-congratulation.  (It's part of my Bike Commuter Incentive Program.)  Today I crossed the 3000-mile mark, for the year 2014.

Actually, I'm running a little late this year, due to out-of-town, non-bicycling days.  (If I'm in town for any part of the day, I try to ride... but when I'm separated from the bicycle by many miles, it becomes difficult.)  In 2013 I hit the mark on July 10, in 2012, on July 12, in 2011 on June 12 (!), etc.  (Am I a slave to my bike computer?  I'm probably guilty as charged.)

Yeah, it's no big deal.  I'm sure lots of people, even right here in Boise, have ridden more than 3000 miles this year.  However... I'm guessing that the head count diminishes greatly, when you ask how many of 'em have ridden at least that far for 28 straight years.

At this point, it seems unlikely I'll ride 6000 miles this year.  But 5000 should still be easily within the realm of possibility.  Gotta keep the faith!

(Apologies for the infrequent posts lately; I'm going to try to do better.  I've been very, very busy for the past couple months, plus it becomes challenging to come up with new material.)


David said...

Very nice!

I'm not as committed to riding as you (I commute about 3 days a week), but I've gotten in about 3k miles per year for the past couple of years. Most people I know are impressed by that number. :)

Unfortunately, I'm way off last year's pace. We'll see if I make it this year.

Clancy Anderson said...

Thumbs up....I don't count my mileage.

Bikeboy said...

Clancy, you may be the better-off for not counting!

When I was a kid I got a cable-operated Schwinn speedometer... same principle, counting the wheel revolutions. The speed needle wavered wildly about, but it was satisfying to see the miles add up. (Seems like I accumulated several hundred miles, even as a kid.) Then when I became a transportation cyclist, I sprang some BIG BUCKS - like $75 or so! - on a first-generation Cateye Solar bike computer. Huge and klunky compared with 'em today... it needed space for the vacuum tubes! (haha!) I've taken certain satisfaction in watching the numbers roll over, ever since.