Monday, August 4, 2014

Another Greenbelt ride to Eagle Road

I promised granddaughter a grand adventure, if she'd go on a bike ride with me.  She took the bait!

We started riding at Glenwood at about 7:30pm Sunday, and headed downstream.  The scenery is in its summer glory... fantastic!  Mackie ran over a little garter snake, yelling "Snake!" and slamming on her brakes.  We stopped to check it out... fortunately it was in soft, loose dirt, and she has fat tires, and the snake continued on his way, apparently unfazed.  (Mackie's only disappointment was when I suggested a minute or two later that we could've caught it and taken a photo of her holding it.)  We also had a beautiful blue heron take to the sky from maybe 15 feet away from us - awesome!

Downstream, we had the overflow canal to ford, since the homeowners apparently removed the plank that formed a makeshift bridge.  I had anticipated it, and we were both wearing our river sandals.  Sah-WEEET!

We crossed the Boise River at Eagle Road, and then headed upstream on the north side, returning to our starting spot at about sundown.  At 10 1/2 miles or so, I believe it's the longest ride Mackie has been on, where she was supplying her own power.  She said, "My legs feel kind of tired, but I'd like to keep going!"  Her 24-inch bike has definitely expanded her horizons.

I mentioned Clancy's dream - of extending the Greenbelt downstream another couple miles to Eagle Island State Park, and having overnight camping available for cyclists.  What a fantastic thing that would be, for a family bike-riding destination!  Mackie agreed heartily.

It always seems 10 degrees cooler when you're near the river.  Maybe it's just the shade, I don't know.

We are both looking forward to our next "near the edge" bike adventure.


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