Friday, May 10, 2013

Seattle "business cyclists" sound off

Some things are mystifying. Like - Seattle is "bike friendlier" than Boise. (I appreciate the tolerant attitude among the residents, and perhaps they have more bike lanes ... but they have 300 cloudy days per year, and Boise has 300 sunny days per year! Go figure.)

I happened across an article in which bike-commuting business executives share their motivation for cycling as well as safety tips.

Here are some good quotes that capture their motives:

"Riding in in the morning is a great way to wake up and plan your day. Riding home is a chance to decompress." (That's from a guy who rides a 48-mile round trip, three days a week.)

"Riding your bike makes you feel like a 12-year-old... It freshens your mind."

Safety tips?

Ride more "aggressively" ... be prepared to take the lane ... be visible ... "Eyes up!"

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Anonymous said...

Use hand signals!!!