Monday, May 13, 2013

Boise Bike Week 2013

BBW, 2013 edition, is upon us!

I did what seemed proper for the occasion... I rode my bike to work.

The harsh reality... "bike week" can be mostly a non-event for a person who rides a bike almost every day. (When is "Boise Car Week?" Now that would be special!) So I decided I should try to do something to make a difference... to share the "gospel of bicycling" with the unwashed masses.

But what?

I have to remind myself that there's both a down-side and an up-side to more people riding bikes. I'm sometimes victimized by the down-side - for example, on a few lovely days the bike parking spots become rather scarce at the office. And more bike riders means more brain-dead bike riders. In fact, the percentage probably goes up... those who ride year-round seem more inclined to understand how it's done, follow the rules, refrain from bovine-like blocking of corridors, etc., than those who just get their bikes out on those perfect spring and autumn days.

But on the up-side, there is much evidence to suggest that as the number of cyclists increases, their safety actually goes up. And it makes sense: when the bike-riding population is dense, it compels motorists to pay more attention than when you just see one every now and then.

So... what to do, to share my enthusiasm?

I came up with a rather novel idea... I got my vintage Craigslist folding bike out of the garage, aired up the tires, dusted it off, and made sure everything still (kinda) works on it. And yesterday I loaded it on the BOB trailer and hauled it to the office. Unless somebody in a high place puts a foot down, I hope to ride it about as I take care of my in-house tech-support duties.




Our building occupies a full city block, and the farthest-away people that I support are about a block distant. I can cover the distance - safely - in half the time on the bike!

It got peoples' attention this morning, when John called because he couldn't get logged on. I almost remote-connected to his workstation... but then I said, "Wait a second - I'll be right over." 30 seconds later I pulled up in front of his cube and worked some magic, and then rode away.

(I'll have to exercise some discretion. There are some people in the workplace who have no sense of humor, and feel if you're having fun, you can't be working. And most of all, I'll have to RIDE SAFE! At my first stop, I got chastised by a fellow motorcycle buddy for not wearing my helmet.)

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Clancy Anderson said...

What a great idea for pushing advocacy. I sometimes ride bikes in the office....around the couch.