Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NYC Bike Share not embraced by everybody

On most days, I search the web for news about "bike" and "bicycle." The search almost always gives me 2 or 3 tragic stories of bike/car accident fatalities, some stories about bicycle racing (which I'm only marginally interested in), a new bike-related invention or two, and a mishmash of various other bike news.

Lately there have been a lot of stories about the impending Bike Sharing program, about to debut in New York City. (I've commented about it before, HERE and HERE.) And with good reason; it will be the world's largest bike sharing program despite it's relatively late arrival. (And I'm also favorably impressed that it will be subsidized by CORPORATE sponsors, rather than taxpayers. The way it oughtta be!)

Not all NYC citizens are enamored with the bike share. As the parking stations have gone in, there have been numerous complaints by residents who see their scarce parking spaces, or sidewalks out front of their apartments, or vendor stations, being gobbled up by bike parking. And I've even seen complaints from the emergency service providers - paramedics, firefighters, etc. - who are complaining that in some cases, the parking racks are hindering their ability to do their work.

I s'pose there's always a tradeoff with any new venture. Especially when the venture takes up space... and especially in a place like Manhattan Island, where space is limited and they ain't making any more.

I believe the official kickoff date for the NYC program is Memorial Day... which is nigh upon us. I hope it's a smashing success, and that even the doubters and complainers come to acknowledge the sacrifice is worth the reward.

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Anonymous said...

I've been keeping an eye on that as well. Should be interesting. They put up with alternate side parking and other stuff so I'm sure they can deal with a few bike racks.

The NYC bike culture is crazy enough as it is. The Brooklyn hipsters versus the Hasidic Jews alone is worth the time keeping up to date.