Friday, November 9, 2012

"Real Bikers"

A fella who identifies himself as Jim Peterson writes a colorful and perhaps inflammatory letter to Boise Weekly. He's mocking the "toy bike" riders who hang up their bikes when the weather starts turning bad.

"You guys don't ride in the snow. You don't ride in the rain, either. Heck, you don't even ride when there's rain in the forecast. ... You are the nancy boys and the girlie girls of the cycling world."

Mr. Peterson is pretty self-satisfied because he rides all year round, using his ski apparel rather than bicycle apparel, and on his "real" bike (steel-framed hardtail mountain bike is the way to go).

Weirdly, his letter says he'll be 59 by the end of October. Weird because I turned 59 near the end of October! Golly! He and I share much in common!

I join with him in poking a little fun at the nancy boys and girlie girls! Haha! But I think he's being a little shallow to suggest that only real men ride the same kind of bike as he does, or wear the same type of gear.


Anonymous said...

Not totally on topic...but, can you give us your light setup again? I am sure I saw you tonight and would like to understand the configuration. I remember reading about the wheel lights but the flashing fronts and rear lights don't ring a bell. Pretty impressive(visible!).

Thanks in advance,


idahospeed said...


Bikeboy said...

I've got lights I purchased from DealExtreme.

Front light HERE.

Strap to hold it on the bar HERE.

The taillight is essentially identical to the Planet Bike "Superflash," but cheaper, HERE.

Note about DealExtreme: they ship from China. (Hey! Everything's made in China anyway...) Because of that, don't expect it right away. My experience has been that it ALWAYS arrives, but it'll take at least 2 weeks, and I've waited 3 times that long when something is out of stock.

Jake Roberts said...

Sorry for the late comment, but I think this may be the same guy that I see regularly riding on the wrong side of the road with a sign that reads "CARS SUCK" on the back of his bike... Joker.