Sunday, November 25, 2012

"New" Temple - same old bike rack

When the Boise, Idaho (LDS) Temple was first dedicated in May, 1984, my bride and I were there.  (In fact, our second daughter Kellyn was there too - she was born a week or so later.)  So we were full of excitement when they announced a major renovation a couple years ago.

The renovation has been completed.  The main difference on the outside is that the gray marble tiles were replaced with white granite... it's lovely!  (The inside was completely renovated, as well - photos of the interior can be seen HERE.)

I got to serve as an usher on a couple evenings during the recent Open House.  (And I could kick myself for not extending a personal invitation to my local friends!  So sorry.)

Saturday was rather dreary and wet, but I ventured by to see if the bike parking situation had changed.  (When the bride and I attend temple sessions together, we drive in her car... but when I go alone I almost always bicycle out there.  It's about a 5-mile round trip.)  Bike parking has NOT changed - one rack.  And I've never seen a bike attached to it, other than my own.





Chris said...

If there is only ever one bike then I would say the bike rack is sufficient.

Clancy Anderson said...

Looks like you are hogging the rack.

Anonymous said...

Was looking for a few BMD or corp folks when I took my family through on 11/10 but it was all staffed with folks from the La Grande Stake. Regardless it was a good trip through.

Anonymous said...

(Oh, this is Matt from Woodinville. Hi)