Saturday, November 24, 2012

BIG Bicycle bargain - at Walmart!

Okay, this is a weird thing... I'm "recommending" a bicycle that can be bought at Walmart!  (Maybe recommending isn't the right word - more like making you aware, should you be interested...)

I first spotted the "Genesis" cruiser bike when I was strolling through my local Walmart.  (If memory serves, I diverted over to the bike department looking for 20-inch white tires for Princess Mackie's bike.  I don't spend a lot of time in the Walmart Bike Department.)  The Genesis caught my eye immediately - it was the 32-inch wheels that did it.

A bike with 32-inch wheels is a freak of nature.  And definitely a novelty... the 29er riders would be green with envy!

The Genesis is likely similar to other department-store bikes in build quality... but it is made of aluminum, and looks sturdy enough.  Shipping weight is listed at 40 pounds, so the bike probably weighs 30-odd pounds, ready to roll.  Other than the size, it's pretty much standard-issue classic cruiser - single-speed, coaster brake, rototiller handlebars, fenders, big fat saddle.

Well... a couple days ago at my local Wally-World, I again noticed the giant beach cruiser, and it was clearance-priced at $125!  I was sorely tempted!  It comes in several colors, including bright green and bright orange, my two favorites of the ones I've seen.

Maybe I need to ask Santa to bring me one.  (It would not be the first time I asked Santa for a bike.)


Clancy Anderson said...

A novelty.... Fun to ride around the block. Try a Coker Monster Cruiser-36 inch

Bikeboy said...

Thanks for the reminder, Clancy. I've seen one or two of those Coker bikes over the years... my recollection was that they were 32-inch, but I think you're right!

(Ya know, a very real problem with those huge tires is - it's downright hard to find replacements! I believe the replacement Coker tires are $80 each or something. But I imagine most of those tires crumble away before they wear out.)

Anonymous said...

I plan to buy one of these. I figure it will be great for riding on the muddy, rocky beaches of Puget Sound and if after two or three years the saltwater has eaten it alive, then I'll have still gotten my moneys worth. If I fit all the hubs, brackets and other bearing containing parts with zerk fittings, then maybe it will last a few years longer than that.

How bad can Walmart screw up a single speed with a coaster brake?

liephman88 said...

I got the bright green one back in October of 2012 and first time out it got lots of comments and double takes. it rides like your trying out your big brothers bicycle for the first time but now I am 6 foot tall this 32 inch is the first bike in a long time that is large enough for me. I ordered mine through the wally world web sight. It's geared to ride along the flat roads and street of the coast not a good hill climber gear ratio wise, I normally ride it along the canal tow path here in Augusta Georgia and it is fun and comfortable.
Pros; comfort and light for a bike it's size. and it will stand out at the beach.
cons; needs better gear ratio, maybe even a derailer system on later models?

Gordon in Boise said...

I bought an orange one at my local Boise Walmart for $99.00.It was half price because they were sitting outside for several months and the paint had sun faded a little. big deal :-)

Brock said...

I worry about the longer term availability of the 32 inch stuff, but the 36 inch size has caught on with the unicycle crowd and there's actually multiple manufacturers of tires these days. As far as comfort is concerned, a 26 inch cruiser with a springer front fork is more comfy than the hard fork 36 inch.

Here's an episode of TV Cycle with my Deluxe Monster Cruiser:


Anonymous said...

I bought mine for $75. I love it. Get lots of comments as I cruise the streets of Bay City Michigan.

Unknown said...

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