Monday, October 8, 2012

Mom transports six kids by bicycle

Often when I'm discussing bicycles-as-transportation with somebody, they say, "Well, sure!  You can do it - it's just you!  I've got to drop off a kid at daycare, get groceries, run errands..."  The list of excuses goes on and on.

While I acknowledge that each person has his own set of circumstances, and some would have a harder time than others, I'm convinced that what you want to do, you can do.

Take Emily Finch, for example.  She had five kids and was expecting another... and like most moms-of-five, transported her kids in a big SUV, or in a "stroller built for three."  But she wasn't happy with the situation.  One day she did a web search for "family bike," and her life changed forever, and for the better.  She ordered a Dutch-made Bakfiets... she puts 4 kids in the cargo hold in front, one kid in a seat behind hers, and another on a tag-along out back.  (Nathan, the oldest at 11, rides his own independent bike now.)

Emily is a small woman, but between her and a "stoker" on the tag-along, she transports 550 pounds in style!

Their limit is 20 miles, and occasionally she has to use bungee cords to strap an unruly brat into place.  (What parent can't identify with that?!!?)  But they are totally committed.

Do the kids want to chicken out and take the car?  (The family has a car, but only husband Mitch ever drives it.)  "They've lost that sense of driving... my kids have forgotten what it's like to even be in a car."

Thanks to Clancy for sending me the link to this AWESOME story!

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