Monday, October 8, 2012

Ethical question for the driver test

Tell me what you think of this.

In Idaho, once you have a driver's license, unless you lose it you just go in and pay the fee... they check your eyesight... and away you go with your new license.

Frankly, I believe that at least a written test should be part of the renewal process... just to make sure you're still on top of the rules of the road.  Some rules - like stopping at a red light or following posted speed limits - are obvious.  But others, not so much.

Furthermore, after significant consideration, I'd like to see all motorists have this hypothetical question posed to them:

If you were to cause a traffic collision that produces a fatality... would you rather that the victim be you, or somebody else?

Maybe if they had to give that some consideration, they'd be ever-so-slightly less inclined to drive while intoxicated, or while yappin' on the phone, or to blow through that red light.  Or, maybe not.


Clancy Anderson said...

Ethical questions would do little than to be thought provoking. I like your idea of quizzes at renewal time.

Bob T said...

I would like to see a short quiz covering frequently misunderstood topics to be part of the driver's license renewal process.

Here are a couple of possible questions:

1. What is a speed limit?
a. The required speed.
b. The recommended speed.
c. The maximum lawful speed under ideal driving conditions.

2. In Idaho, when bicyclists approach a stop sign they
a. must come to a complete stop.
b. may ignore the stop sign as it does not apply to them.
c. must slow down, and yield the right of way as needed.