Tuesday, October 23, 2012

$14k designer bicycle

Here's the bike for people who absolutely need to make a fashion statement with their bicycle... but find the "hipster single speed" too pedestrian... the Gucci bicycle.  And since they're priced at $14,000, you can rest with some assurance that you won't have that extremely awkward situation of arriving at a trendy destination on your Gucci, only to find that somebody else is riding the same model.

It's built by Bianchi, but with Gucci embellishments, including the Gucci logo stitched on the saddle.  If you want to go with the full Gucci Kit... the water bottle will set you back $105, and a matching helmet can be had for $890.  (Good grief!!)  You could get some Gucci loafers separately, to complete the look.

In my admittedly non-expert opinion, it looks like a $600 bicycle, so you're paying a premium for the brand name.  (It's probably built in Taiwan!)

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Marcus said...

It has a carbon frame, nice brakes, an 11 speed internal hub and some decent wheels. It is a $1,400 for $14,000.

Bikeboy said...

I bet your assessment is pretty accurate, Marcus. (I didn't take note of the carbon and the fancy farkles.)

I can't help but consider... back in 2000 I bought my Harley-Davidson Dyna - it cost me $13,450.