Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nice new place to ride!

I've got a brand new "scenic route" to take, if I get bored with my regular route. And in a way, by posting this I feel like the fisherman who blabs about his favorite fishin' hole... but I'm sure it will be on the local bike map soon enough, whether I make mention or not.

East of town, just as you get to the "Harris Ranch" area, there's a new city park under development. And based on what I'm seeing, it promises to have some awesome recreational riding paths - many paved and many unpaved, as well.

I believe it's called Williams Park. They are just taking down some of the barriers, and I'm often feeling compelled to go the ten or so miles out of my way, just to enjoy the new glass-smooth pathways and fantastic scenery. (As the vegetation comes in, it will only get better.)

Check out the eagle nests - and eagles! - in the third photo down.







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