Friday, March 9, 2012

Bicycle Romance!

Here's a lovely story about bicycles and love.

Ted Jenkins was bicycling through Cripplegate Park in Worcester, UK, with his buddy.

They happened to cross paths with a pretty gal named Jessie, who was bicycling with her friend.

The two struck up a conversation. He offered to accompany her on the bike ride home... turned out she lived nine miles away! But away they went. By the time they got there, it was getting pretty late - she agreed to loan him her bike lights for his trip home... if he'd agree to meet and return them the next day.

The rest is history. Sixty years of history! That meeting took place in 1950; they were married on March 8, 1952 - sixty years ago yesterday. (The story doesn't say, unfortunately, whether they're still bicycling together or not. But I bet they accumulated a few miles, at least during those lean Newlywed Years.)

[Mrs. BikeNazi wishes I was a little more romantic. And perhaps she's a bit envious of my "mistress"... the bicycle!! I hope not!]

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