Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bicycle built for two!

In recognition of Valentine's Day (or "Clementine," as granddaughter Mackenzie calls it).

Dai-sy, Dai-sy, give me your ans-wer, do.
I'm half cra-zy, all for the love of you.
It won't be a sty-lish mar-riage - I can't af-ford a car-riage,
But you'll look sweet, on the seat, of a bi-cy-cle built for two!

My entire life's experience with tandems has been one ride around the block on an ancient Schwinn that felt so flimsy I didn't know if we'd complete the trip. I'd love to take a spin with an enthusiastic riding companion, and on a sweet, sturdy two-seater. Perhaps someday.

A week or so ago, this awesome Ellsworth Witness was parked in the bike room at the office. Wow-eee! Check it out... disc brakes, suspension at both ends, Brooks saddles. A quick web search suggested it's on the high side of $5000. (Ouch!)

I'm not sold on the concept of "mountain tandem" riding. I'd prefer to take my test ride on pavement. Riding a tandem on a smooth dirt road probably wouldn't be too disconcerting... but single-track? Or anything very technical? Can you imagine an independent and significant source of weight leaning (or not leaning) in an unexpected manner if you were trying to negotiate some challenging terrain? I dunno. Tandem enthusiasts would have to show me how great it works first.


Marcus said...

Wow, nice tandem. I too am curious as to the effectiveness of an off road tandem. I bet it would be a blast if you could get the right terrain and stoker.

Clancy Anderson said...

Divorce bikes.