Wednesday, February 29, 2012

240 bicycle bucks

Earlier this month I got my annual payout. Thanks to the Bicycle Commuter Act, participating cyclists at my place of employment can get up to $20/month in reimbursement, for bike-commuting expenses. I got the full $240. (Last year I was "off" one month, and got just over $200.)

You have to document, with receipts, expenses for bicycle gear and maintenance/repairs. (Clothes, helmets, etc., do not qualify.) And the max is $20/month... so if you ride six months of the year and drive the other six, you get up to $120.

Last year my money went to a replacement set of pedals, several tires and tubes, a chainring, cassette, and chain. This year I've already purchased some tires, and just ordered a $50 set of Monkey Lights. (I'm excited about the lights - stay tuned for more info. Or you can use your search engine to check 'em out.) I'll most likely be replacing the cassette and chain again, and brake pads. (If I've got up to $240 to spend, I'll likely figure out a way to spend it.)

I've definitely got mixed emotions about the "Bicycle Commuter Act." It's supposed to be making up, to transportation cyclists, for all the tax subsidies that are extended to the car-driving public. So I feel good about that part. But - I'd feel much better if they'd just removed some of those tax incentives for motorists - let 'em pay the real-life price for day-long parking, etc.! (If we weren't trillions in debt, I might feel differently.)

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