Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More death by distraction

(Sorry to keep beating this dead horse... it's only because cyclists are particularly vulnerable in a traffic accident. We totally depend on other roadway users being responsible.)

A sad update on a tragic story...

A few nights ago, an 18-year-old college freshman, Taylor Sauer, was killed in a collision on the Interstate an hour or so southeast of Boise. It happened at night, and the evidence suggested she plowed into the back of a slow-moving truck on an upgrade... and then was subsequently hit by another truck. Very weird. When I read about it, I assumed either she was drowsy (which happens out there on the superslab), or somebody wasn't paying attention.

A story on the Deseret News website sheds additional light.

"The one-time high school salutatorian apparently passed the time on the long drive by communicating with others on Facebook."

Moments before the fatal accident, she posted this message: "I can't discuss this matter now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha."

A life wasted. Several other individuals with damaged property and horrible memories to last a lifetime. Thank goodness nobody else was (apparently) injured or killed!!

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