Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Icicles on da whiskers!

This winter has been extraordinary so far... even in a place that's "the banana belt of Idaho" for our mild winters.

We've had a dusting of snow one morning... that's it! Even the temperatures have rarely dropped below 20. It's been great - from the viewpoint of the bike saddle...

Today it was just below 20. The pavement was frosty enough that I was paying attention, but not hazardous by any means. I accumulated some moustache-cicles on the way to the office. Was glad for the balaclava and the gloves. (The gloves aren't heavy enough for an all-day ride at such a temperature, but are fine for the few-minute commute.)

The winter sports enthusiasts are chompin' at the bit. The summer sports enthusiasts - you know, water skiiers, rafters, and the like - are getting a little anxious. I'm a bit unsettled when I see the mountains surrounding town without any snow in January. BUT - the precipitation year is still young and I expect things will turn around. (Word is that the reservoirs have enough water in 'em for the farmers, who have "first dibs." And I expect water to come out of the faucet when I twist it.)


Clancy said...

This dry winter is saving me gas as I have not driven to Bogus Basin yet. I am usually up there 2-3 week but often carpool. I still needed my ski fix so I went up north last week.

This morning I dropped my son off at school via the Xtracycle. He was complaining as I forgot something to cover his face.

Marcus said...

The farmers almanac says winter will be a late one this year...we'll see.