Friday, March 18, 2011

Winter's last gasp

One of my favorite things about Boise is the climate. We usually get four distinct seasons, and rarely get extreme weather. (It gets above 100 maybe a half-dozen times in a typical summer, and doesn't go into single-digits very often in winter.) Just the same, I wouldn't complain if winter were a month shorter, and either spring or autumn were a month longer. (Yeah, I know... some people are NEVER happy!)

I'm looking forward to springtime. The longer, warmer, drier days that are on the way.

Wednesday was a surprise - mid afternoon, folks in the office crowded to the windows to check out the heavy snowfall - big beautiful fat snowflakes! It was beautiful - like a Christmas snow-globe! It melted off quickly. Thursday morning a powdered-sugar coating remained on the foothills northeast of town... but it will quickly recede, as well.

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