Monday, March 7, 2011

Gas price rising again?

I keep hearing people rumble about the high price of gas.

Is that so? Has it gone up a lot?

I bought $20 worth of gas in January, to take my family to the Winter Carnival in McCall. Seems that it was $2-something at the time. That's the only gas I've purchased since, oh, probably last November. I don't buy a lot of gas. I may need to gas up the motorsickle before the end of March, if we have some decent weekend weather.

This may seem cruelly ironic, but the higher gas gets, the smarter us transportation cyclists look. Dang, we look like regular geniuses right now. (Maybe not so much if we're riding in pouring rain.)

Of course, fuel prices affect all of us, at least indirectly, by causing the cost of pretty much everything to go up correspondingly.

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Bob T said...

Whenever gas prices rise like they have recently the conspiracy theorists come out of the woodwork, claiming the oil companies are out to get us, etc. However, these same people grow strangly silent when gas prices drop. If the oil companies actually controlled gas prices the way some suspect, why would they ever let them go down?

In the real world it's all about supply and demand, and we transportation cyclists are doing our part to keep the demand (and thus the price) lower than it otherwise would be. They should be cheering us in the streets!