Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Devil's Tricks

An old John Mayall blues tune goes, "There ain't nothin' you can do... when the Devil plays his tricks on you."

I know not from whence it came, but we had some unseasonable weather - more like winter! - on Saturday.

High temperature - 46. Precipitation - 1.41 inches. Both records for the date in Boise.

I got a little work done in the morning before the sky opened up... and as 5pm - the scheduled start time for the Pedal Power Parade - approached, I looked outside anxiously every 15 minutes or so. But when it was cold and not sprinkling but raining vigorously, I chickened out. Frankly I'd be surprised to hear that it happened at all. (But I've been surprised before.)

May is still a gamble in these parts, if you're counting on nice weather. Chances are you'll be pleased. But don't be too disappointed if you get rained out. And there's always next year.

(Nonetheless, I completed Boise Bike Week with nary a trip in a motor vehicle, and cycling on all 7 days.)


db said...

I rode in the Cycle for Independence ride Saturday morning, so I just couldn't roll out later in the day for the parade. Did it happen?

Bikeboy said...

db, is that the National Federation for the Blind event? (I've got friends who have ridden in both it and the PPP in years past.)

I'm curious myself as to whether the Pedal Power Parade actually materialized. At 4:30pm I wanted dearly to head down there... but it was around 38 degrees and steady rain (way beyond "showers"). I couldn't find my neoprene shoe covers, or I prolly woulda headed down there anyway. (I know - I'm a girly-man!)

db said...

Yep, that's the one.

I tried searching for "parade" on the Statesman website, and it just stalled. Must be that gi-normous CHF add taking up all the processing power...