Friday, May 21, 2010

Bicycle Block Party

The weather is looking a little dicey for the last 2 days of Boise Bike Week. But if weather were a major deterrent, I s'pose there wouldn't be very many cyclists. (We are a heartier lot than baseball players, golfers, motorists, and similar sissies!)

The Bicycle Block Party poster caught my eye... check it out.

The party starts this afternoon at 4pm. With a little luck, the rain will be minimal, or postponed 'til after 10pm.

Dunno if I'll get to the Block Party, although it looks to be awesome. I expect to be there tomorrow for the Pedal Power Parade. (With granddaughter Mackie in tow, if the weather is nice. If it's nasty, Grandma will prolly make her stay in.)

P.S. - I'm a little disappointed that they used my likeness on their poster, without getting permission first. But since it's for such a worthy cause, I won't put up a stink.

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Clancy said...

I will be there for a while. Gonna miss the ride Sat. Wife made other plans for me.abcde12345