Monday, May 31, 2010

Mackie transportation upgrade

My dear friends' kids have outgrown their Tag-A-Long pull-behind bike. And by stroke of luck, my grandkid is just about right for something like that.

They were going to put it on the market to the General Public at a garage sale, but they gave us a sneak preview. We hooked 'er up, and before we'd gone a block, we were sold!

Mackie says it's way better than riding in the trailer! And I agree - I can actually stop pedaling, and she can push us along at a casual pace for some distance. Pretty impressive.

This morning we rode down to Morris Hill Cemetery to check out the beautiful flowers and flags. The cemeteries are always at their most beautiful on Memorial Day.




Clancy said...

Great way to get the little ones around and that is a very nice one to boot. You can call her your little stoke-monkey now.

Bikeboy said...

Stoke-monkey! Sweeet! (She'll like that!)