Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet bike parking

I'm fortunate to work in a "bike-friendly" building.

Since the bike room is at its emptiest (emptyest?) in the dead of winter, I snapped a photo this morning. This room is in the corner of a multi-story parking garage. It has access control with key cards, so only folks who signed up can open the door. The best feature is the abundant selection of parking spaces, ranging from staggered hooks on the walls (right), to vertical wheel holders (left), plus railings to secure "lawn chair bikes" (recumbents), etc. Thomas, who is one of the most creative people I know, custom-manufactured all of the racks after considerable planning and engineering. (I'm happy to say my bicycle was one of the "test models," so every space should fit my bike nicely.)

In the photo, it's hanging in its rightful spot - on the hook closest to the door!

IMO, new business construction should be required to provide secure parking, lockers and showers for bike commuters, wherever a certain number of people will work... maybe 50 would be a good starting point. (It makes good "business sense," too. Several potential tenants in the building where I work - folks like Microsoft - have stipulated very strongly that they would never consider a non-bike-friendly building.)

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Clancy said...

The Banner Bank has a secure bike room too. I am guessing this will be part of most newer office buildings.

Mine sits inside the office about 20 feet from my desk ;)