Monday, January 4, 2010

Missing my Wheels

I've still got a couple weeks to go (following my recent surgery), before I can confidently straddle that bicycle and ride.

When the roads are dry and the sun is shining, it's particularly tough! I'm counting the days, and gazing longingly at that almost-new bike sitting there, waiting for me.

There are places I want to go, but I just hate the notion of getting behind the wheel of the wife's Family Truckster... it's like surrendering. (Perhaps I feel a little like the motorist whose vehicle is broke-down, and he's looking - grimacing distastefully - at his bicycle and not relishing the notion of having to go somewhere on that thing...)

I've been walking a lot. Any place within about a mile radius is fair game. (I'd go farther, but for time constraints.)

On Saturday I fired up the motorcycle for the first time in a couple weeks. (Gotta keep the battery charged... and it does have a plush, soft, wide saddle.) And rode the "Ten Mile Creek Loop" - out Cloverdale to Hubbard / Ten Mile Creek Road, then back in on Pleasant Valley Road. It was sunny and in the high 30s at the time, and was very enjoyable. (I started out very cautiously, because I was seeing patches of black ice.) I saw some cyclists, including one that looked like it might've been Clancy. (Clancy, did you ride out Pleasant Valley on Saturday with a couple friends?)


Clancy said...

Nope, I was up enjoying the white stuff.

Scott said...

I've been cursing our cold snap back east and riding through it (To the train station, at least. About 5 miles each way.). Somehow I went 2700 miles this summer without a flat, but I've had three of them in the past 50 miles. I only notice them when I step off the train hoping to get home before the sun sets and it drops 5 degrees.

I have to go to New Zealand next week, and while I'm gone, my new leather saddle should arrive. Super excited to try it out.