Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anger issues?

I see way more angry motorists than cyclists. But this morning I witnessed what would seem, at least on the surface, to be a cyclist with issues.

I was riding to work, crossing Idaho Street on 15th northbound.

This guy was in the crosswalk. He had winter gear and a helmet on.

As I went by, he picked up his bike, swung it around his body like an Olympic hammer-thrower, and let it fly! WHAT THE??! It flew maybe 20 feet, and then went clattering and skidding across the pavement.

It looked to be a full-suspension "mountain" type bike, but I couldn't tell if it was a $79 Walmart or a $7900 handmade.

Who hasn't felt like "going caveman" from time to time? But sometimes you have to exercise restraint... and no problem has ever been made better by throwin' your bike, I'm guessin'.


bob t said...

Glad that he didn't toss it in your direction!

Apertome said...

That was me. Allow me to explain: an uppity cyclist on a Cannondale touring bike was looking at my handmade dual-suspension mountain bike as if it was a piece of junk from Wal-mart -- I thought I'd show him a thing or two.

I showed him!

Bikeboy said...

Dang, Apertome! Lighten up! (Maybe you need to switch to DECAF! hahaha)

db said...

Maybe David Millar broke another chain?