Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That's gotta hurt!

I was doing a bit of surfing and happened across some information about the recent "Bomber Downhill" ride from Bogus Basin.

Fun! I've ridden down from Bogus twice in my lifetime. The second time, I had paid my dues by riding UP to Bogus.

(For those not familiar, "Bogus" is our local ski area. It sits about a mile above Boise, altitude-wise, and is at the end of a 16-mile twisty paved road. The first 8 miles are a fairly brutal climb... I found out... but if you make it halfway, the second half levels out nicely by comparison.)

I also happened across a photo of one of the participants... who apparently did a face-plant. Ouch! And... that participant looks suspiciously like frequent BikeNazi correspondent "Clancy."

Clancy... if it's you... I hope you're okay, man! And that your bike survived!


Clancy said...

No that is my twin brother. He tapped his coaster brake in a corner and went down going 20-25mph. The cruiser's make for an exciting ride down.

Here is the video.

tucker said...

I think the bike survived better than I did! It's road rash healed faster than mine did.

Bikeboy said...

My daddy - a man of uncommon wisdom - used to always say,

"Son... remember. If you get in an accident, you might heal up, but the car never will!"