Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bike to school - break the law!

Saratoga Springs is in upstate New York, a few miles north of Albany. Last spring, according to this story, it was decided that bicycling or walking to (elementary and middle) school would no longer be permitted in Saratoga Springs.

A few students (with the support of their civilly-disobedient parents) have defied the rules by continuing to ride their bikes and walk. REBELS!

Golly! Is it any wonder that this country has an obesity epidemic, and that kids are fatter every generation?

(I'd like to see the specific statute, that declares citizens can't use a public, taxpayer-funded road to get to selected destinations. I'm guessing that if someone were arrested, it would be pretty easy to get it thrown out.)

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Clancy said...

Something just amaze me every day. We used to ride all over town when I 10 years old.

Interesting blog about raising your kids the way we were raised.