Friday, September 25, 2009

Road Rage directed at cyclists

Bill Schneider writes some good stuff about cycling on the New West website.

His current column is titled, Road Rage for Cyclists Embarrassing, Dangerous, Un-American.

Bill: "The vast majority of motorists courteously and safely share roadways with cyclists, but a very small minority not only aren’t courteous, but for some unexplainable reason fill up with rage whenever they see cyclists on the road ahead. Anybody who regularly rides bicycles on paved roadways knows about this minority. They not only think cyclists have no right to use public roadways but also show their anger by shouting obscenities and giving out the universal salute and even do all sorts of outright dangerous things like coming up behind cyclists blaring their horns, purposely passing inches from handlebars at high speed, or throwing beer cans and other objects, which become lethal missiles for somebody on a bicycle."

A kindred spirit! (Thankfully, the throwing-of-stuff has been so rare for me, that I can count 'em on one hand.)

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Marrock said...

Oddly enough, there's no real shouting problem where I live, since there's so many traffic lights around here folks learn that if they do something stupid you'll have no trouble catching up to them at the next light.

Nothing makes someone shut up like rolling up along side them at a red light and asking them to repeat what they said since you couldn't hear them over all the noise their single occupancy armored personnel carrier was making as it went by.