Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kristin Armstrong Rolls with Chocolate Milk!

I've been seeing the bicycle-oriented billboards around town, promoting chocolate milk.

And this evening for the first time, I saw the teevee commercial featuring Boise's Gold Medal Cyclist Kristin Armstrong, promoting chocolate milk as bike fuel. Fantastic!

Kristin says, "Chocolate milk is my secret weapon! The protein helps me maintain healthy muscles and the carbohydrates help refuel my muscles after I exercise. This, combined with milk’s vitamins and minerals, is important for my overall health."

I've enjoyed chocolate milk for my entire life. But now I can stand on the street corner and drink it proudly, rather than being sneaky about it!

(The only thing that would make this picture even more beautiful is if Kristin was advocating washing down a donut with that chocolate milk! Remember John Belushi's Decathlon commercial... "Little Chocolate Donuts"?)

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Jamie said...

I've heard of a number of accomplished athletes who advocate chocolate milk as a great post-workout drink. She's hardly the only one, but it's fun to watch folks like this push all the Gatorades aside and go for something simple.