Thursday, September 6, 2007


I found an article about bike-commuting in Bangalore, India. (Click HERE to link.) Evidently the surging economy has resulted in a new phenomenon - TRAFFIC JAMS. Welcome to the 21st Century, huh?

Nikhil prefers to ride his bicycle. The 15km (think downtown Boise to Meridian) commute takes less than an hour by bicycle, 1.5 hours by car.

He also fights the social pressure with his website, Bums on the Saddle.

"If you look at the general population that cycles, its mostly kids or people who cannot afford bike. [He must mean "cannot afford car."] Young people aspire to get a motorbike once after college. We want to say that cycling is cool and we want to build a community."

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wolf21m said...

Cool link. Having been to Bangalore myself, I cannot imagine stepping outside of a car on their streets. It is unbelievable chaos with no apparent rules to help with survival. You think construction zones with idiots riding the wrong direction is bad... I admire his commitment.