Saturday, September 1, 2007

August Riding Report

I finished the month with 430 miles, accumulated on 25 days of riding.

"What about the other 6 days? Huh? Huh?" you're asking.

Well... if you have to know... I was in Canada on my motorsickle, the first 6 days of August. I got back home on August 7.

Another somewhat-limiting factor last month was the nasty ankle sprain I gave myself, while on my motorcycle adventure. A month has passed, and it's still a factor, although I'm back to 95% or so.

(You can read about my motorcycle journey and the ankle-sprain HERE.)

That puts me at 4013 miles for the year.

I really wanted to arrive at 4000 miles by Aug. 31. Which theoretically puts me on track for a 6000-mile calendar year, assuming 500 miles per month.

(Yeah, I admit it, I'm compelled by that little stopwatch-sized onboard bike computer. Maybe I'm a slave to it.)

In reality, the miles typically come easier in July and August, than they do in November and December. Time will ultimately tell. I'm hoping to have some quality-and-quantity miles in September and October, two of the very best cycling months in these parts.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is some great milage for the year. I find keeping track of the milage makes me a slave to it. If I don't get a ride today my totals won't be increased and I feel guilty. I ride for fitness but keeping track of the distance helps keeps the focus. I don't know if you have seen this but you can check this out:

It is a pretty cool website to help aid people in their workout routines. It will track your progress across the country.