Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Call of the Wild

Yesterday as I was bicycling home, I saw my friend Danielo going in the opposite direction on the Greenbelt. (The stretch that goes over the railroad trestle, a few blocks west of Americana.) As usual, my brain was otherwise engaged, so I only greeted him after the fact, and over my shoulder.

Moments later, I glimpsed wildlife out of the corner of my eye. Urban Bambi.

This is always so cool in an urban environment... she was right there literally within sight (and the dull roar) of "The Connector," but all those automophiles are totally oblivious. She looked quite content. (She's between the Greenbelt and the canal... Kathryn Albertson Park is just on the other side of the canal.)


Apertome said...

Very cool indeed! It makes you wonder how she got there, or where she lives, if it's nearby.

We saw 2 or 3 deer in a field right across from the post office near our apartment (although we were driving at the time).

Apertome said...

Oh, and I hate it when I don't recognize someone immediately or at all and then seeing them later and having to explain. I almost never recognize people wearing helmets, and even if they aren't, I'm usually too absorbed in riding to pay enough attention.

Tuco said...

Unfortunately - with the way bambi is hidden down there in the grass - I think I'd probably have biked right by her without seeing her as well!

I've seen deer once on my commute - it is indeed a nice sight.

Bikeboy said...

I was VERY fortunate to spot her. Yep, she's hunkered down. I just HAPPENED to spot that unusual blob of tan coloring. (When I first saw her, her head was down; she may have been taking a nap.) They must wander downstream along the river bank to get there. I've seen deer before... sometimes 3 or 4 of 'em, in the winter time, in that general area. (That would be THE place to lay low during huntin' season.)