Monday, June 25, 2007

Thoughts for Bicycling Women

From my awesome Bike Cult book:

"What enjoyment to a cramped and warped women's life is the whirl of the wheel, bringing back as it does God's gift of health, and the memory of childhood's delight in out of door activity. With a sense also of rest to the brain, and by raising the thoughts in gratitude above the household cares and drudgery, it gives a woman for one brief while the chance to rejoice in the feeling of liberty and delight in her own strength."
- From Wheelwoman (1896)

Bicycling and Pregnancy
Pregnant women have been able to carry on with moderately vigorous bicycling up to their eighth month. One prominent racing cyclist, Mary Jane "Miji" Reoch, reportedly rode her bike to the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia to give birth to her daughter, Solange. [Is that taking cycling enthusiasm one step too far? I hope she remembered to lock her bike securely!]

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