Monday, June 25, 2007

Great idea from Danielo

Danielo was on the Opinion page of the Idaho Statesman yesterday. And a fine opinion it was.

A suggestion for local TV news stations: Add another traffic camera to morning reports. On the new camera, show a live view of the traffic on the Boise River Greenbelt! You would be providing a community service, as it would remind commuters that there are other much more pleasant commute options besides the usual single-occupancy, vehicle drive, and it would also demonstrate the beauty of a city treasure — the Greenbelt! You'd be celebrating Boise and encouraging people to make wiser commute decisions.

Web View - click HERE.

If you ask 100 people why they choose their transportation, 90 will likely tell you they have no choice. (Or will quickly start rationalizing why something else might work for others, but not for them.) I say the more exposure they have to other options, the more likely they might be to choose one... especially one as pleasant as cycling. (Better yet if they're lucky enough to be on the greenbelt line.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, BB. I sent the idea to KTVB a week or more before I submitted it to the Statesman, but they never responded.

Bikeboy said...

I remember you saying you'd talked to KTVB. Not too surprised; they seem more in step with the mainstream, and the mainstream definitely gets around in their cars.

I'd suggest you rattle ACHD's cage - ACHD doesn't have much to do with the greenbelt, but they DO have jurisdiction and control over the traffic webcams (which feed all the local TV stations), and they are also vitally interested in traffic flow, including alternatives. Shoot your stuff to

(I think it's a GREAT idea; I'd love to see the contrast between the connector-cam and the greenbelt-cam at 7:45am! I'd love to hear the reporterette saying "No traffic jams on the Greenbelt again this morning...")