Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Blood for Oil?

You may have seen the bumpersticker: NO BLOOD FOR OIL!

I assume the message is, we shouldn't be fighting wars for ongoing access to foreign oil. And I tend to agree with that sentiment. (But it's always a bit confusing when you see the sticker on an oil-burning vehicle. It must be one of those Algore things, where "awareness" is more important than actually taking any personal action.)

Well... there's an interesting Red Cross promotion taking place in Philadelphia this summer.

People who donate blood in Pennsylvania or New Jersey can win gas! Every day, a randomly-selected donor will win a $25 gas card... and everybody's name goes in a hat to win $3500 of gas.

Link to original article - HERE.


Anonymous said...

I saw a pic of a bumper sticker(on a Xtracycle) that said "Enviromental stickers don't mean sh@t, when they are on bumper" I wish I could find the pick, but I might have to make my own.

Anonymous said...

Found it and some other good stickers


Apertome said...

This cracked me up. The funniest part being that the blurb you linked to doesn't seem to recognize anything funny about it at all! Either it's very tongue-in-cheek, or they don't even get it.