Friday, May 18, 2007

Helmets save lives!

A week ago, Ryan Lipscomb was riding a bike in Madison, Wisconsin, when a truck (apparently) turned into his path... and ended up running over his head. (And then driving on - hit-and-run.) Lipscomb's now-mashed helmet kept his skull from getting mashed. Lipscomb: "It feels really strange to have a truck run over your head."

About the same time, Jace Muir of Salt Lake City was playing "skeleton" on a skateboard. "Skeleton" is what it's called when you're lying on your stomach and going head-first. He was riding out of his friend's driveway and into the street. You probably know the rest of the story. (Sounds like Darwin Award material... but Jace is 5 years old so I'm gonna cut him some slack.) He luckily had his buddy's helmet on, because the neighbor's car rolled right over his head. The helmet is now chunks of styrofoam... but Jace will live to "skeleton" again!

Now folks... bike helmets are not designed to be run over by the full weight of a car. Do NOT try this at home! But these stories illustrate how much punishment a helmet can absorb.

If you ride a bike - strap on that brain-bucket first! If you love somebody who rides a bike... INSIST that they go with the helmet.

(Links to news stories HERE and HERE.)


Apertome said...

I had read about the first incident, but not the second. I always wear a helmet; hopefully stories like these can help convince the skeptics.

db said...

Yep, put that lid on.

If you need more inspiration, find a physical therapist employed by a local hospital (I'm married to one), and ask them how many preventable head injuries they treat each year. Among cyclists, motorcyclists, and equestrians, the number is jaw-dropping. And the outcomes are not very encouraging.