Monday, February 26, 2007

Night of 1000 Posers

[Note... this isn't specifically related to bicycle transportation, but it is related to the environment and transportation. And since I'm the Bike Nazi, I'll go ahead and post it.]

Another Oscar Awards gathering has come and gone. You know… that's where the people who make their living pretending to be what they're really not, gather and give awards to those who are best at pretending to be what they're really not.

This year – perhaps because the Prince of Green was in the house – "green" was one of the underlying themes. Yep – our idols of Tinseltown are courageously standing up for Mother Earth, and showing the rest us how to stop the dreaded Global Warming.

Here's from a pro-environmental website, defining how the Hollywood people are getting involved, this year more than ever: "… they will be stepping out of hybrid cars rather than limousines, and sipping 'exclusively organic and sustainable wine, beer and cocktails' to the accompaniment of the music of the Los Angeles band Maroon 5."

Isn't it wonderful?!! If only everybody could do what Leo DiCaprio and Algore are doing, I'm sure the global temperature trends would change overnight!

They honored Prince Algore by giving him the "Best Documentary" award for his movie about An Inconvenient Truth.

I've gotta say – Algore is a funny guy! I didn't watch much of the Oscar broadcast, but I saw that part where he pretended to get ready to make his important announcement (the much-anticipated declaration of candidacy), and then the orchestra played him off the stage. That was pretty funny.

During that same segment, Mr. DiCaprio (I believe) announced that 2007 was the first "officially Green" Oscar broadcast. Then he went into a rather cryptic explanation of what that meant. It seemed a little "psychobabble" to my untrained ears, but it was similar to what's posted on the "Go Green" website: "... the entire production team endeavored to select supplies and services with a sensitivity toward reducing the threats we face from global warming, species extinction, deforestation, toxic waste, and hazardous chemicals in our water and food."

"Sensitivity toward?" Did the Green thing result in fewer watts of energy consumed? Or fewer gallons of gas burned? They all seemed mighty pleased with their efforts. I want some numbers! Maybe they went from 50 hair dryers in the dressing room, to 45.

This is interesting – in a related story, heartthrob George Clooney is one of 330 Movers and Shakers on the waiting list for the electric Tesla Roadster. Now there's an example we can all follow, huh? At least all of us who have $90,000 for a 2-seat convertible. (The electric-car people crack me up. They pretend – or maybe actually believe – that since the car is electric, it eliminates the burning of fossil fuel. Somebody needs to explain to them that you have to plug it in to charge it up… and that electricity doesn't just magically come out of that electrical outlet. Someplace, that electricity is being generated. But, I s'pose that's a pretty deep concept to be explaining to Cameron Diaz, or Paris Hilton.)

I get the impression that the Hollywood people aren't really expected to do any more than "raise awareness." I found this quote from Debbie Levin, president of the Environmental Media Association (is that a paying job?) … she says, "People see celebrities as role models. We are showing that you can have just as elegant a lifestyle living green as you can without that consciousness." So, apparently "living green" is a state of mind, rather than actually doing something.

That's perfect for these people who pretend to be what they're not… and something I believe every American can do!


Anonymous said...

I'd say that you took the words right out of my mouth, but I couldn't have said it as well as you do!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job of explaining the whole thing, the best I've ever seen.
You have some real writing ability.

Anonymous said...

Your last two post have been right on the mark. I couldnt say it better.