Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The return of $3 gas

You might want to start saving your pennies and dimes now, so you'll have gas money this summer.

HERE is a link to an article from the Detroit News - "Gas costs back on road to $3."

I would be surprised if gas wasn't AT LEAST as expensive next summer, as it was last summer.
- World demand continues to rise (particularly in India and China, where prosperous times are causing millions to switch from bicycles and public transportation to western-style single-occupant vehicles. As if that's an integral part of success and prosperity.)
- There is no additional refining capacity, at least in the USA.
- People seem totally willing to pay $3. If I owned a gas station and my customers would line up to pay $3, I'd be stupid to sell for $2, no?

(Cyclists have the luxury of looking at gas prices a little differently. If it weren't for my family's appetite for fossil fuels, the gas price would only be a matter of mild curiosity for me, 350 or so days per year. Oh - as the price goes up, I s'pose the cost of getting my bike tires and tubes to Boise could go up a bit...)

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