Friday, February 2, 2007

January Report

I finished January with 403 miles, amassed on 31 days of riding. 22 work days; 22 rides to the office.

They say January 2007 was the second-driest on record (since 1949), which may have helped. However, I'm guessing it was also a colder-than-usual January, so what little snow we got early in the month never completely melted. Even though it hasn't snowed for a couple weeks, I'm still dodging ice-berms and snowy spots, wherever there is shade.

My bicycle currently has Continental "Top Touring" tires (no longer available) at both ends. They are awesome tires. Although not much wider than "skinny" tires, they really grip. Other than smooth sheets of ice - which are pretty much deadly in any vehicle - the goin' was pretty good all month.

The days are getting longer. At the first of the month, I was riding home in the dark at the end of the workday. Now, the sun is usually still in the sky - hanging low in the "yellow" sky - as I pull into the driveway. If I get a late start, I still have my 10-watt headlight standing by for duty.

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