Saturday, February 23, 2019

New bike computer enroute

Earlier this year, I had bike-computer issues.  And, apparently it's an ongoing thing.  I reset it back to "zero" at the first of February... the monthly mileage seems to be pretty accurate at about 250, but the total odometer has jumped to well over 6000 miles.  (They both started at zero on 2/1.)  So - time to retire and replace it.

I've always had pretty good results with the Cateye brand (this one has been in use for almost 10 years), so I ordered a new Cateye - the Velo 9.  And - check it out!  From the sales pitch:

BECAUSE YOU CARE: The Velo 9 also tracks calorie and carbon offset.

Think of the amount of computing it must take, to keep track of calorie and carbon offset!  And in the long run, maybe this one will pay for itself, if a Carbon Tax is implemented.  I can report my Carbon Offset to the IRS and pay a couple bucks less.

Take that, all you carbon-burning losers!!!

(I'll replace the computer to start keeping track on March 1st.)

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