Tuesday, November 27, 2018

5K miles for 2018

Today my bicycle odometer clicked over 5000 miles for the year.  (Or more accurately, the mileage accumulated on three different bicycles totals 5000+ for calendar 2018.)

Are there people who ride more miles per year?  Oh yes!!

Are there people who have been accumulating bike miles for more years?  No doubt!

(I started accumulating bike miles in 1959 or so; but I never kept accurate track until 1986, when I invested in my first electronic bike computer.  Back in the '70s, I had a Schwinn mechanical odometer - each time the front wheel did a revolution, it clicked a little cog-wheel.  But it was never consistent; the mechanical nature resulted in much fiddling and frustration.  And, for 10 years or so, I pretty much turned my back on bicycle transportation.  "I once was lost, but now I'm found!")

Many cyclists ride farther and faster.  But - I would assert that my consistency over 33 years puts me in a fairly rarefied group.

Since 1987, I've ridden 4000+ miles every year.  Of those (32) years, I've ridden 5000+ miles in 14, and 6000+ miles in another 11 years.

I have not yet ridden 7000 miles in a year.  But next year... ?  (I'll be retiring from my 8-5 job next year, which will afford more discretionary time.  But on the other hand, that discretionary time may result in other pursuits which have so far been elusive... travel and such.  Time will tell.  I expect my bicycle to be a significant part of my life until my kids pry the handlebars out of my bent and bitter fingers!)

In the meantime, thanks for indulging me, while I contort myself and pat myself on the back!


Josh said...

You're an inspiration! Thanks for posting this update.
I don't have nearly as many years nor as many miles per year, but you really encourage me to keep at it consistently.

Clancy said...

Nice job on mileage accumulation. If I kept track, I probably would be disappointed. What matters to me is getting on my bike to commute, neighborhood trips and recreation on a daily basis.

Bikeboy said...

Thanks for the kind words, BOTH of you!

Clancy - you have a point. In a certain sense, I've become a slave to my bike computer... if I've ridden 19 miles, I'll ride another mile just to hit that 20 mark. (I keep track of miles-per-day, too - but in 5-mile increments.) If I ride 4700 miles in a year (like last year), I'm somewhat let down that I didn't just go another 300 miles.

However... you are right. If I was unable to keep track starting tomorrow, I don't think I'd give up bicycling. The accumulated miles is mostly just "entertainment." haha